The specific place where ships are anchored for loading and/or discharging at the docks in a port. But for chartering the following categorisations are considered: Double berth : To berth alongside another ship. The ship may need to wait or even can discharge cargo from the side free to the water body. Foul Berth: Anchorage which is dangerous due to the possibility of hitting the ground or other vessels or due to an obstruction that impedes the safety of the vessel. Safety Berth: A berth with an access which is safe to navigation. During its stay, the ship must not lie on the bottom of the berth as it is enforced in charter party terms. However in some of the CP terms it is allowed to touch soft ground ( see: AABSA). Tidal berths: Berths located in tidal harbors commonly used by coasters and small tankers. Also known as mud-berths.